SAVELOT specializes in distance selling with shipping across Africa. We trade as SAVELOT under Registration Number: 2020/685023/07. Income Tax Number: 9515/692193

The institute has developed other areas of expertise in terms of trading ranging from Skills Training and Development.

The company has SETA accreditation.

This corporation shall commit itself to providing steadfast and consumer focused services.

The vision of this corporation is to be the principal service provider in its area of proficiency in the World.

Quality Over Quantity
Ensuring that our clients derive maximum contentment out of our products and services.

Our Approach:

  • Positive Speedy Service Delivery
  • Impeccable Customer Relations
  • Impressive Relations with Suppliers
  • Eagerness to Learn
  • Flexibility in the Pricing Structure
  • Service Delivery strategy

Our Customers:

  • Public Sector
  • Private Sector

Service Overview

Sales of computer software and hardware

Our wide range of personal computers are well-equipped providing you with the latest technology

Installation of computer software

We provide software installation solutions as well as maintenance.

Provision of IT support services

We have highly qualified IT Technicians to make sure that our client’s services are satisfied. Our strength relies on the hands of our experts, we invest heavily in training and skills development. Our experienced team of experts will perform an audit of your entire IT systems and environment and make informed suggestions on where and how to improve or cut costs. We predominantly consists of a team of young and highly ambitious individuals who are at the peak of their careers.


Our strength relies on the hands of our experts, we invest heavily in training and skills development with SETA accreditations.

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